Sunday, December 6, 2009

Toilet Restaurants

We can’t imagine the marketing meeting during which some one pitches the concept for a toilet-themed restaurant and the others in the meeting agreeing that it’s a good idea. And yet presumably such a meeting has happened. More than once. There are at least 20 restaurants on planet Earth where toilets, urinals and potty talk are the central attraction. Five of those have opened in 2008 alone and at least ten more are planned for 2009, most in either China or Taiwan. Let’s get you going with an overview of some of the world’s crappy dinning experiences in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Germany and Portugal. Diarrhea for dinner? That’s the point. “It’s supposed to shock and confuse the senses,” says Modern Toilet manager Chen Min-kuang. But as Jennifer Finch, an American who was dining there, described it, “They do it tastefully. It’s all very clean.” Every customer sits on a stylish acrylic toilet (lid down) designed with images of roses, seashells or Renaissance paintings. Everyone dines at a glass table with a sink underneath. The servers bring your meal atop a mini toilet bowl (quite convenient, as it brings the food closer to your mouth), you sip drinks from your own plastic urinal (a souvenir), and soft-swirl ice cream arrives for dessert atop a dish shaped like a squat toilet.

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