Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Mud Run 2009

The Mud Run is an adventure race where contestants hurl themselves through mud-pits, bog holes, and waist-high mud rivers on a challenging cross-country race. This year, the Mud Run took place on Saturday, Dec. 5, over 750 Aussies showed up in Glenworth Valley to participate in one of the dirtiest races on Earth, At Peats Ridge, Australia, about an hour north of Sydney. "Although this event will appeal to cross country runners, we're expecting a range of competitors from athletes to couch potatoes, game for a laugh," said Gary Farebrother, Mud Run Event Organizer. Participants challenged themselves to either a 6km or 12km course that traversed the forests, grasslands, and creek crossings, according to the Mud Run website. The 2009 Mud Run in Peats Ridge was meant to be a competition for everyone, so any person over 12 years-old was free to register and because there was no time-limit they could run or walk the entire race. Competitors were encouraged to enter the Mud Run for a chance to help their favorite charity. Getting down and dirty Down-Under, now that’s got to be a memorable experience.

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