Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Funniest Celebrity Candids Of 2009

This is a cool selection of the funniest celebrity candids that happened in 2009.
A lot of fun awaits you thanks to those photos that all made a lot of noise on the web. Most of them (if not all of them) should ring a bell to you. Very interesting to see, so look it up.

Megan Fox Rejects Rose Boy

The Best Celebrity Photobomb Ever

Suri Cruise Calls For Help

Jack Nicholson At Sea

K-Fed Gets Some Free Money

One Of Those Olsens Looking Crazy

The Story Of Lindsay Lohan's Life

Jay-Z And Beyonce Are Disgusted About Something

Fergie Grabs Her ---?

Michael Cera Photobomb

Obama Plays Star Wars

Mickey Rourke Shows Off His -----

Kanye Shares A Swig With Pete Wentz

Britney Spears Goes Shopping At Target

Katie Couric Dances

Jude Law Beats A Photog

Lady Gaga Carries Around A Teacup

Madonna's Arms Are So Scary

Shia Labeouf Wears A Bag Over His Head

Suri Cruise Disapproves

The Hoff Goes To Coachella

Jack Nicholson Body Surfing

Kelly Clarkson Looks Like Meatloaf

Steven Tyler Looks Like An Old Woman

Bruno Looks Hot

Jack Nicholson Gets Down

Suri Cruise Goes Shopping

Jon Gosselin Parties In Vegas

Barack Obama Is A Man

Katy Perry…?

Madonna Goes Swimming

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