Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Great art by Croatian artist Robert Matysiak. He started with the ’’Robolamp’’ project about 2 years ago. Now he intend to do some exhibitions. For now he is on 17 models and every one of them have a standing to put it on, their height is about 1,2 meters and the ’’Robolamp’’-s are from 15 to 50cm height.
So the next time you want to purchase a lamp to dress up your home, we would recommend holding off that trip to Ikea for a moment. After all, why go for Swedish-designed products when you can settle for something which is totally different and unique in the form of the Robolamp series? Using bits and pieces from a hardware store, these pipes will hide all the essential electrical wiring underneath, where the head of the robot functions as the lamp. Too bad there is no remote control associate with this though – it would’ve made it infinitely more desirable and fun.

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