Thursday, November 19, 2009

Giant Microbes Toys

Giant microbes are stuffed animals that look like tiny microbes — only a million times actual size! They're humorous, educational, and fun. Each of our Giant microbes comes with an image and information about the real microbe it represents. They make great learning tools, as well as amusing gifts for anyone with a sense of humor. Who in the world thought that deadly microbes that make up illnesses and viruses such as malaria or chicken pox would make good plushies? Whoever came up with Giant Microbes was a genius. They make good gifts for geeks or anyone who has a slightly odd sense of humor. They could also be potentially fun ways to teach kids about diseases.

Anthrax Plush Toy

Athlete's Foot Plushy Toy

Bad Breath Plush Toy

Black Death Plush Toy

Bookworm Plush Toy

Brain Cell Plush Toy

Cavity Plush Toy

Chickenpox Giant Microbes Plush Toy

Chlamydia Plush Toy

Gonorrhea Plush Toy

Common Cold Plush Toy

Cough Plush Toy

Dust Mite Plush Toy

Ebola Plush Toy

E. coli Plush Toy

Egg Cell Plush Toy

Fat Cell Plush Toy

Flu Plush Toy

H1N1 Swine Flu Virus Plush

Herpes Plush Toy

HIV Plush Toy

Kissing Disease Plush Toy

Mad Cow Plush Toy

Maggot Plush Toy

Malaria Plush Toy

MRSA Plush Toy

Penicillin Plush Toy

Red Blood Cell Plush Toy

Sperm Cell Plush Toy

Stomach Ache (Shigella dysenteriae) Plush Toy

Syphilis (Treponema pallidum) Plush Toy

T4 Bacteriophage Giant Microbes Plush Toy:

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