Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Funny No Parking Signs

It’s always a problem to find an empty parking lot in big cities, especially when you come across such funny no parking signs. Good, people have a good sense of humor!

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carlpatten28@gmail.com said...

HAHAHAHAHA!!! I can't help nor stop laughing. The one with the last car that is still missing is the best. I have to admit it's really hard to take these signs seriously.

Amos Alistair said...

Very funny parking signs. Thanks for posting this.

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No Parking Signs said...

Wow, I have read all these display signs. All are very interesting. These types of no parking signs not only creates a humor to make a person smile but also make the drivers informed that this is not a place for parking. And if they try to park their vehicle there, they will be punished.

Anny said...

All signs are really funny but interesting also. The parking hang tags helps to make the drivers aware about the parking zone. By reading the tags and signs, the drivers can park their vehicles in the desired space meant for them.

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