Friday, April 9, 2010

Funny And Weird Car Oddities

Automobiles are an integral part of American life. They get us to our jobs and families, provide us with an element of freedom we hold so dear, and serve as indicators of status or occupation. Some exotic or antique cars are even considered works of art, with their beautiful engineering and design. It is no surprise, then, that cars have inspired some people to create art-sometimes even building pieces of art out of the cars themselves.

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kamagra said...

The last one is hilarious, that turrtle car rules, what an original idea!! I wonder who has it.

Carson Wininger said...

I can’t pick my bet! All of these are strangely charming! :D Never in my life have I seen weird car designs like these. Now, I’m beginning to think of going to a car fest similar to this concept. It’s indeed peculiar, yet very amusing! =)

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