Friday, February 5, 2010

The Funniest Wolverine Costumes

Few characters have as many costumes as the X-Men's Wolverine. And there's no one in comics who changes them freely. Sometimes he's up for the brown costume, sometimes it's just casual jeans and jacket. While the other X-Men tend to stick to one or two uniforms in a lifetime, Wolverine has seen plenty of changes.Scientific research has proven that the best way to gauge the popularity of a super hero is to count the number of hilariously homemade fanboy costumes he or she inspires. The following awesomely bad variations are quite the proof of what a big deal Wolverine is.

If you're going to dress as one of the most bad ass superheroes Wolverine you better look like this guy. No one will tell this guy that Wolverine doesn't wear camo pants.

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