Monday, January 18, 2010

10 Weirdest Hamburgers

A hamburger is not inherently an exotic food. However, in the hands of the right creative or crazy individual, that single slab of meat and two buns can become nothing short of spectacular. Herein lies the importance of the chef. Please make sure that you don’t read the rest of this article on an empty stomach.

1. The Infinite Patty Burger

This burger should come with a Surgeon General’s warning. We lost count of the number of patties in this thing. We’re not sure of its precise origin – it looks vaguely like the work of a crazed In-and-Out customer – but we’re pretty sure it’s from another planet!

2. The Burger King Breakfast Coil

What? I feel like this burger might slither away before I can eat it. Leeds is the proud home of this sausage-inspired monstrosity.

3. The Healthy Burger

Yes, that’s sarcasm. This poor waitress-dressed-as-nurse must be struggling to hold that thing up. And as a waitress-nurse (I’d like to see your credentials, ma’am) she has the ability to both heal and destroy with this 6,000 calorie monolith! Cheers to your health!

4. The Mario Mushroom Burger

A nerd and a burger lover? This one’s for the old-school Nintendo lover in all of us. Graciously brought to you by

5. The WTF Burger

I almost hurled all over my screen when I found this gem of origin unknown. Meat wrapped in meat over cheese. Plus, look at the outside stuff!

6. The World’s Biggest

Courtesy of Steve Mallie of Southgate, Michigan. The Guinness Book of World Records officially declared it the biggest burger with its weight of 185 lbs!

7. The Barfood Burger

Eating the Barfood Burger is like playing a game of Jenga with beef, bacon, and onion rings. Not exactly meant for polite company.

8. The Bitesize

Literally, it’s a bite! And, it comes with a thimble of cola and fries to floss your teeth. This homemade creation holds the unofficial record for being the cutest burger to grace the pages of the Internet.

9. The Cheesescraper

And if “Rave” wasn’t tall enough or unhealthy enough for you, how about the cheesescraper! It’s like a meat surprise amidst miles of cheese and some bun thrown in for good measure. Save room for fries!

10. The “Rave” Burger

Who’s raving about it? Burger lovers in San Mateo. The “Rave” Burger towers enough fried onions to earn the distinction “culinary skyscraper!”
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