Friday, October 16, 2009

Pig Olympics

The Pig Olympics are a sporting event organized by and for specially-bred and trained piglets.The 2006 competition was held in Moscow, Russia, while in 2005 the Pig Olympics were held in China. The Pig Olympics will next be in 2009 in St. Louis.
Events within the competition include pig-racing (over an obstacle course), pig swimming (introduced at the 2006 Pig Olympics), and 'pigball' or 'swineball' which is much like football or soccer.The piglets in the games are not eaten, instead, they are bred for the next generation of pig-players. The 7th Pig Olympics has been held as part of a major livestock exhibition in Moscow. The sporting-swine participated in a series of events ranging from sprints to marathons.The winner, along with a tasty meal, was also presented with a gold medal.

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